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Neapoli is a marine city at the southeast of the Lakonian gulf (where ancient city Vies was), opposite Elafonisos. It has a perfectly organized beach and tens of residence, entertainment and excursion options. Its only 5 minutes away (by boat or ferry) from Elafonisos, a small island of 600 inhabitants, beautiful beaches and plenty of fresh fish to eat.

Neapoli is 115km away from Sparti. You can use ferries from the port to Elafonisos and Kithira or just anchor your own craft there. You can also walk through the city enjoying the taverns, cafes, hotels, the nature and the beautiful beaches.

Going North
Leaving Neapoli and following a northeast course youll have t2IQ]nce to see the rest of the region. You will first meet Mesohori with the beautiful view to the gulf and the church of Ipapanti. Then visit Faraklou and the castle of St. Paraskevi and the post-byzantine churches. End your trip by ! visiting Ano and Kato Kastania, which are famous for the impressive St. Andrew cavern. While returning to Neapoli, going north you will meet the villages of the municipality of Voies and more specifically Kambos, a beautiful village built by the inhabitants of Mesohori.  Your next stop will be St. George (visit the Big Cavern and the Mycenaean graves), St. Apostoloi (whici took its name by the homony] Bhurch) and Pantanassa (dont forget to visit the settlement of Limnes, Kriovrysi and Platania) and make a last stop to Elika ,which have many churches, coastal Marathias and the sS]illage of St. Mamantas. Monemvasia is a rocky island, which almost seems as if its doing us a favor being bonded by a strip of soil to the land, giving ! us the chance to easily visit it without any theat hiding behind its big walls. While walking to its narrow streets you will get a warm and unusually special feeling coming from the small houses, the mansions and the churches. The houses are closely built, squished into each other but yet impressively detailed. There are group of houses built above vaulting galleries througi which people went from one place to the other. Many of them are well preserved up to this day and the new owners restore them by using the same technique.
Going South
Starting a tour from the south part of the municipality of Vier you will first meet Velanidia, a village worth visiting with white houses at the hillside (this is where the path to the beacon of Maleas cape starts). Near the village St. Nikolaos is the extremely interesting Paleontologist (fossil) Forest, near the sea!
Going East
The municipality of Asopos is at the east part of Laconia washed by the Lakonian gulf. You can find the most beautiful beaches at Archaggelos, Glyfada, Karavostasi, and Plytra while those looking for a mountain settlement should visit Palaiokastro with the great view to the Laconian gulf. Asopos is usually visited by families and people looking for a lonely small gulf to swim. At Archaggelos and Plytra you can eat fresh fish and dont hesitate to try the local lahanopita and lyhnarakia. If not visiting one of the café-bars then go on an excursion to Foiniki, Palaiokastro or even further to Monemvasia, Mystra and Dyrou Cavern.